To show you that we’re absolutely professional, care about our clients, create more than just photos (and that we’re super fun), here are some honest reviews from our past clients!



I wanted to write an honest review of Nick and Lauren Photography and share my experiences for those looking for wedding photography in the near future. First, my wife and I had no real experience with photography, and we actually found out about Nick and Lauren through a wedding convention we went to where we were blown away by their amazing photos. We looked around at other photographers in the area and none of them seemed to capture moments the way they could. After booking with them, we did an engagement shoot with Lauren. Lauren was so nice and helpful creating the shots. She took two people who had no idea what they were doing, and she was able to capture these wonderful loving images of the two of us.

 A few weeks before our wedding my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Nick. The two of them shot our wedding and we couldn’t be happier with the results. As a couple who had a “do it yourself” wedding, planning/scheduling with so many different vendors was difficult, and we were let down by more than one. However, the one thing I never questioned was our photography. During our ceremony we discovered our cupcakes were never delivered and my wife was extremely upset. Right at this moment, Lauren and Nick took us away and took these amazing shots of us right as the daylight was passing. This completely elevated both my wife and I’s mood and was a real life saver during our wedding. One thing that really stood out to me was Nick and Lauren’s ability to deal with any situation that was thrown at them. We had less light then we had originally planned, but you would never know based on our pictures.

Nick and Lauren were professional throughout our experience with them and they delivered exceptional photos. Photographs are one of the few things you get to take away from your wedding and will be the one way you are able to look back and relive those special moments. You want to make sure you use a photographer that captures those perfect moments–the love, the joy, and the excitement that comes with the best day of your life. Nick and Lauren prove time and time again that they can capture the magic, that they have the vision, and they will make your wedding experience that much better.

Jen & Dan
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Planning a wedding is difficult. Not everyone can afford to hire a planner. While searching for local photographers, I came across a beautiful picture of a couple on their wedding day intron of a sunset. That picture had me sold. I contacted Lauren to talk about availability, vision, and prices. Lauren was prompt and professional. She met with my now husband and I on multiple occasions. The first time was to get to know each other and for us to share our vision of what we wanted. We decided to hire Lauren, signed a contract and began making a list of images we wanted. In-between that time and our wedding, it was exciting to see her posting new pictures. It made me so excited for our wedding day. One of the best parts about hiring Lauren, was that she was available ALL DAY! Many of the other companies I had looked at only were available for 6 or 8 hours and charged more per each extra hour. Lauren told me she was mine for the entire day, which was good because we had to start getting ready around 9 am!

On the day of our wedding, she arranged to have one photographer to capture the guys getting ready, and another one for the girls, in two separate locations. She used the list I provided to get certain shots and used her own creativity to capture the rest. We had a mixture of posed and candid shots. I wanted her to capture the feeling of our wedding, which she absolutely did. I have been in other weddings where the posed pictures take forever and are quite boring. With Lauren we were laughing the whole time, and she was quick! It helped that I had met with her multiple times and was comfortable around her. Lauren also took advantage of that magical “golden hour” and even crawled through the woods to find the perfect spot! Our bride/groom portraits are so magical and full of light and love. At one point it rained, and immediately after a rainbow appeared. She spotted it and ran to get us positioned. That picture is still one of my favorite pictures from that day. Lauren ate with us, danced with us and laughed with us on our special day all while capturing so many beautiful pictures of our family and friends.

After the wedding she posted “teaser” pictures which was awesome because I was dying to see them!! In less than two weeks the pictures were ready, and she hand delivered them to my house. I got an adorable box with a few printed pictures and a USB with the rest. We sat down and went through them together and we talked about how certain pictures were special to us. It was so nice to have all of the pictures so soon after our wedding! I have heard horror stories of brides not receiving their pictures for months! Or only receiving a select few and having to pay for the rest! Lauren made this whole process easy and I would absolutely hire her again. Her skills have been fine tuned in the year since our wedding, and now she has added her equally talented fiancé to shoot with her. I am so pleased with our wedding pictures and I am glad I found someone who not only understood my vision, but enhanced it in a way I never could have imagined.

Weddings. Filled with family, hope, new beginnings and a lot of love. Unless you’re the bride. Then it’s mainly questions, chaos and where did I leave my beer?! That being said, you want to remember and relive that day in the best way possible. Bringing me to my point. The photography. Now, in full disclosure I absolutely fell in love with Lauren and Nicks work but her age and lack of formal education had made me a bit apprehensive to hand over such a large amount of my budget. The more I thought about it the more I realized it wasn’t about that. It was about the fact that all of their other work I had seen was exactly what I had been looking for. A trendy, current style. She was very understanding and broke up my payments so it was easier for us. When planning a wedding you always have distractions. Yours might be work. Mine was a 9 month old poop machine. Meeting and speaking with Lauren I quickly realized that this was a part of my wedding I could leave in her hands without worry. Which is a huge relief. Trust me. My next thought on the matter was that you want to have your picture taken by someone you feel comfortable with. Of course the right angels but also the real smile. Not that smile you get when you ask a stranger to take a photo of you and your friends and wonder why it looks like you just smelled a fart but that good honest laughter smile. To capture that amazing wedding day glow. That in mind I invited Lauren to my bachelorette party so she could know the faces of my friends, family and get to know them. So they were comfortable with her as well. She fit right in and everyone loved her.

The wedding day. Lauren was very easily contacted and was quick to reply. She was with me from the beginning. Through the excitement of the morning, my almost panic attack and took pictures of us getting ready. Even of my mom doing a super weird dance trying to make me laugh. Those are memories you should always have documented.  Nick stayed with my (then) Fiance and took the best pictures. Mind you I hadn’t had time to clean and the men took over kid duty. He had to work around taking pictures of an explosion of laundry, kids toys and who knows what else. Luckily he totally pulled it off. Perfect groom and groomsmen pictures, sweet pictures of my daughter, niece and nephew and a ‘derpy’ picture of our sweet dog. Which was awesome by the way. Adam said he liked Nick (which in my husbands cool guy language is a very good thing). She and Nick went to our venue early and took pictures of our table settings and untouched decorations.Which I by the way realized I hadn’t even seen since my amazing mother in law put the final touches and met with the florist. One of the times I had met with Lauren we went over a list of family members to take pictures with which very much came in handy. We took pictures outside. In July. In Florida. Very good idea to make that a quick process. My advice is make sure you spend a good amount of time on that list. Lauren brought a few cute props with her for our bride and groom pictures that were perfect. We were very comfortable with her and you can definitely tell. She grabbed us for sunset pictures on the river that turned out gorgeous. The rest of the night they were like ninjas. Taking pictures of the guests, us dancing or trying to dance at least and enjoying the night. Not going to lie. At a certain point I was chugging vodka so you can imagine I wasn’t completely there anymore but I do know Lauren and Nick stayed until they felt satisfied with the pictures they had gotten and made sure to say goodbye.

After the chaos. After the honeymoon, opening packages and sending out thank you notes we finally has settled into our lives as Mr+Mrs Adam Beam. Lauren let us know it would be about 3-4 weeks that she would our pictures ready. She posted a few pictures beforehand on Facebook which made me all the more excited to see how beautiful the rest pictures would be. She met me at a local cafe with the cutest packaging, a few prints and a perfectly sized USB. My husband and I decided to make a picture viewing date. Open a bottle of red wine and go through them all. Bringing me back to the beginning. You want to relive that day. That’s exactly why hiring a professional photographer is one of the best decisions you can make. You put so much time, effort and planning into your wedding day. We relived that day. I got to see what it was like while he got ready. He got to see the amount of work went into me getting ready. We got to see all the moments of our wedding through the eyes of our guests. The ones that we were too busy to see. His face as I walked down the isle, my father standing next to me and our guests smiling at us as my mother conducted the ceremony. I know its hard to believe as you plan your big day but those are the moments that go by the fastest. The hugs. The smiles. The laughter. The cake. The flowers. The little details you put so much effort into. Our friends dancing and laughing. A moment with my husband and daughter I hadn’t even realized was being photographed. These are the moments she captures. This is what your’e paying for. To laugh and cry with the photographs as if you were there. Lauren and Nick were funny, kind, sweet, very easy to work with. I highly suggest choosing them to capture the best moments of your life. I’m extremely glad I did.

I still get emotional looking through our wedding photos. Our wedding day flew by, but with every page flip of our album I am able to relive that day as many times as I want. They literally captured everything, from the tiniest details to moments I missed. Before we hired Nick and Lauren to photograph our wedding, we went to a few bridal shows. Personally, I thought every single photographer had the same photos. There was nothing special about the photos I was looking at, nothing that made me say “wow…take my money”. Once we decided Melbourne Beach, FL was the place we were getting married, it just happened to work out that a bridal show was happening the same weekend we were heading to Disney, so on our way back home we knew we would stop by the show to check out the local vendors. Again, much of the photography looked the same, until we came around a corner and saw another photography vendor, but this one caught my eye. The photos that were displayed were so different and so beautiful to me. The couple standing behind the table were Nick and Lauren. I remember Lauren’s purple hair and being so jealous because I wanted purple hair but hated the damage dye caused. Anyways, I just had such a good feeling about them. I grabbed a card, asked some questions, complimented Lauren’s hair and we were on our way.

Once I told Lauren I was interested in her to be our photographer (this was before Nick and Lauren were officially a photography duo) we met 2 or 3 times before the wedding day. Because of Lauren, I was able to meet a girl named Jaime who had a wedding at the same location I was getting married just a few months prior. She gave me so many helpful tips about the venue which helped A LOT, especially since I was not from the area. And of course, Lauren photographed her wedding as well so it only helped to convince my mom that this would be worth every penny.

On the day of the wedding, Lauren and Nick knew exactly what to do. Nick took photos of the guys getting ready and Lauren did the same with the girls. They asked for the contact info of our maid-of-honor and best man so that they wouldn’t add any stress to us on the big day. SO smart. When it came to the portrait shots (family, wedding party, bride & groom) they were quick and directed everyone so well. We even had some fun with colored smoke bombs! We never would’ve thought of doing something like that. But, it’s the natural “in the moment” shots that I really love the most. The photos with genuine smiles, the ones with tears of joy, the ones with laughter and the one where I squealed while I was talking during the ceremony because I couldn’t handle such a happy emotion. They really were able to get all of those true emotions, something I know can be very hard to do.

Nick and Lauren captured more amazing moments than I could have ever imagined. I will always highly recommend them to anyone I know who is getting married or even anyone who is looking to have portraits taken. I can’t thank you two enough for the incredible work you do. You’re both truly talented. I look forward to hiring you again when I have family of my own!