When it comes to planning your wedding, we want your photos to be the one thing you never have to worry about. As artists, we have a love and connection for our work and the people we create with, and as story tellers, it is our goal to beautifully document every breath-taking moment that we see. It’s important to us that we put the same loving and tender care into you and your photos that we would want from our own wedding photographer. Think of us as your friends that are here for you each step of the way, from our first meeting where we exchange stories about how you fell in love to the moment you speed off towards your honeymoon.

Now, we could have you stand there awkwardly and smile at the camera, but we hate doing that just as much as you. Some people naturally smile at having their photos taken and others are not quite as comfortable, so we have a creative way of approaching our couples (sometimes it’s as easy as laughing at our ridiculous antics and hilariously punny jokes) that brings out the real emotion and genuine reflection of the love that you have for each other.
We never wish to be flies on the wall or “that photographer that stayed hidden from everyone”, and you can usually catch us encouraging guests to get crazy on the dance floor and capturing the energy of the night’s festivities, making sure that mom is kept happy, and making sure everything behind-the-scenes is running smoothly to get you the best images you’ve ever seen.

Browse through our galleries and the memories that we have preserved for others, and if you fall in love with what we can do for you, let’s make magic.